Primary K-6 Teaching Units

Primary K-6 Teaching Units


Primary K-6 units of work


Introduction to the integrated units of work

This project aimed to support K-6 teachers to develop integrated units of work, which focussed on the development of literacy across the Key Learning Areas. The project resulted in the production of units of work across the four primary stages and included most of the Key Learning Areas. The units were produced by teachers from eight schools representing all sectors and a cross section of urban schools, all of which have large numbers of students with language backgrounds other than English. The units were developed by pairs or small groups of teachers with at least one ESL teacher and one mainstream classroom teacher participating in the collaborative planning and teaching of the unit .

ATESOL NSW values this project as a way of providing substantial professional support to our members and others interested in the teaching of ESL students. The excellent work of the participants and their willingness to share their expertise with their colleagues in the field should be acknowledged in any printed materials developed from these units. The copyright provisions appear below and due acknowledgement should also be made of ATESOL NSW as well as the schools and teachers concerned.

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This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training as a quality teacher initiative under the Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme.


Stage 3

Global Connections - Auburn North PS
Megan Gibbons, Warwick Mahoney
Work Unit

Natural Disasters - St Therese's Catholic Primary
Mariana Beretin, Melissa Stewart
Work Unit | Resources 1 | Resources 2

State and Federal Government - Wattawa Heights PS
Anne Manning, Nhu Morris
Work Unit | Resources

Stage 2

Simple Machines - Auburn West PS
Jasmin Choy, Doreen Finkelstein, Kylie Milostic
Work Unit | Resources

Yesterday, today, tomorrow - Wiley Park PS
Christina Mandadakis, Coula Trikilis
Work Unit | Appendix 2 | Appendix 3 | Appendix 4 | Appendix 5

British Colonisation - Sule College
Serpil Gunes Erer, Jayamala (Jay) Naidoo
Work Unit


Stage 1

Fairytales and Celebrations - St. Patrick's Catholic Primary
Anne Evans, Rachel Wootton
Work Unit | Resources

Early Stage 1

Workers in the community - St. Mary & St. Mina Coptic College
Iman Mikhail, Julie Tralaggan
Work Unit



The following is a Talking and Listening Program prepared by Cindy Valdez from Fairfield PS for the ATESOL PD Day on 'Teaching New Arrival Refugees - with a focus on African Communities' held on 14 May 2005.

Stage One New Arrivals Talking and Listening Program